Pentree Lodge is owned by Lesley Richardson (a registered mental health nurse). The business was established in Manchester in 1988, originally consisting of two care homes and three independent flats for individuals with different mental illnesses.

In 1992 Pentree Lodge in Pentire, Newquay was opened followed by Lilena, Newquay in 1996. The company ceased trading in Manchester, in order  to put full concentration into the Newquay properties. Both Lilena and Pentree Lodge have been part of a network of agencies looking after adults with mental health illnesses in Cornwall since then. 

Lesley sold Lilena Care Home in 2018 and is now running Pentree Lodge Care Home Ltd as an independent care home. 


“Aiming to enable individuals with mental health needs to gain independence, confidence and self-sufficiency.”


“Our service is tailored to individual needs. We treat our residents  with dignity and respect, enabling them  to grow in confidence and self-belief,  while gaining valuable life skills.”


“Our aim is to help individuals to live as independently as they can and lead happy and fulfilled lives, so increasing their chance of returning to the community.”


We have a small team of dedicated staff who provide support in daily living skills. Support is given in areas including cooking and domestic living skills, alongside physical and emotional support. We work with each resident individually to ensure that each is fully supported within all aspects of life. 



If it has been agreed by the resident and the team involved that a resident would benefit from one-to-one support with a Support Worker this can be provided.
One-to-one support is where the resident is given time which is set aside for themselves on a purely one on one basis.
These sessions are chosen by the resident, and may include going out to visit various places, engaging in personal interests or partaking in social treats 
If all parties involved agree with this one-to-one support and the funding implication then this will be organised by the manager and the staff member appointed to do the one-to-one support. A plan would be worked out to action these activities that compliment the residents wishes and meet the resident’s social needs. 
The one-to-one support worker would be appointed by the manager and resident and would normally be the residents “key worker” or someone they have e a very good rapport with.
All the activities will be documented in the notes to keep a record of these events and outings. 



We provide day care, where after assessment and discussions with all involved with a client can come to the home for periods throughout the day. This can be weekdays or weekends. During this time, if there are necessary requirements that the home could provide e.g help with bathing or help with budgeting skills, this could be agreed at assessment and a plan of care formulated for the period when the resident is at home. This will be assessed and reviewed by the care team as necessary and all costings will be agreed at this time. Transport for day-care will be up to the individual although the home will help in any way that it can.The client, whilst at the home, will be involved in any activities going on in the home and will be provided with meals and support during this time.



The fees are agreed by the referring agencies and ourselves before admission. Our base rate fee will be discussed between the manager of the home, and the referring agent on first contact. Any additional fee will be discussed after assessment and should be reflected in the residents individual needs assessment.

Record keeping and policies

All residents will have assessment prior to admission and from this on admission a care plan will be formulated, this will be reviewed and updated frequently and when necessary. The staff keep daily records and charts on all residents to ensure all care needs are met to a high standard.
The home has a full compliment of policies as required by the Care Quality Commission who inspect us regularly. These policies are amended within changes to legislation and working practices, and also received a full update once yearly.
Staff frequently attend courses and are supervised whilst inputting data and record keeping until they are trained.


If agreed by the resident and all parties involved, we can provide a full rehabilitation programme, the resident will be encouraged to look after themselves in all areas, and will be fully supported by staff who will prompt and direct the resident through any problems that may arise. Residents have full opportunities to carry out these rehabilitation tasks with staff at our facilities (a spare kitchen and rehabilitation flat at Lilena and a rehabilitation flat at Pentree Lodge). These facilities enable the resident to prepare meals. There will also be an allocated time given for the resident to use the laundry facilities within the homes. The resident will have the opportunity to learn budgeting skills, as finances will be allocated to them to go shopping for food. If agreed by the team the resident will be given the opportunity to self medicate.The rehabilitation programme is an additional cost on top of the basic fee which needs to be costed and agreed with the team at assessment or when a resident is reviewed. This will be at a variable cost according to the extra input and reviewed periodically.