Pentree lodge is a twelve-bedded former bungalow and has a three-bedded rehabilitation annexe attached to it. 
The home has a laundry room, kitchen, dining room, activity area and large sitting area. It has a large front garden and a secluded back garden with a pond. 
There is a large outside seating area and a conservatory to smoke in; it has two offices and a staff sleep-in area. 


Consisting of three bedrooms, the rehab annexe is used for individuals who are undertaking a rehabilitation programme, working towards independence and aiming to move on to independent living. The annex is attached to the main house, it has its own kitchen, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms. The residents in the annexe still have full access to the home and its facilities, but the annexe is their exclusive domain. They continue to benefit from support from care staff when required. 


We provide a wide variety of activities. This may include playing computer or board games, craft work, trips to the beach or shopping. We also offer a once yearly holiday for residents go away for a week with support workers.
Lilena holds weekly craft nights, the produced items, along with anything else a resident may have done, are produced into a monthly magazine. The magazine is printed in-house for distribution within the home, and to friends and family members.
We can facilitate activities on a one-to-one or group basis.
Our residents are also encouraged and supported to use local resources within the community including  coffee mornings, walking clubs and support groups.